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Aakash Hospital Changes Working Hours for Medical Representatives for 1 Hour.

Medical Representative Daily Life Challenge: Hospital working in metro cities is very challenging job for medical representatives. Day by day entry is getting tougher & working hours for medical reps are reduced.

This is all happening in the name of patient safety & convenience as hospital admins considers that medical representatives increase traffic in hospital premises, which leads to problems to patients. This can be true to some extent but not 100%.

Some senior medical reps told us that MRs themselves offer seats & ways to patients before them. They also help patients in hospital premises itself.

Many hospitals in Delhi like Max, Aakash Hospital, Venkateshwara, RGCI, Primus & many more, have strict rules over the entry of medical representatives.

Aakash Hospital have a fixed day for entry of MRs on Wednesday, which starts at 1:30 PM. MRs have to wait in sun, winds & sometimes in heavy rains to get into the hospital. After getting visitor pass, MRs steps around 2 PM inside the hospital premises. No entry after 3 PM. People have to go back, who reaches to security office after 3 PM by waiting in que.

Earlier, MR time was 2 PM-4 PM. But now it is reduced by half; 2 PM -3 PM.

Around 100+ MRs try to get into Aakash on each Wednesday. But not everyone is lucky.

MRs told in an discussion that Max hospital charges around ₹3500/- in the name of entry fee.

Medical Representative job is very tough but hospital administration is becoming cruel day by day on them in the name of patient care & security reasons.

Government must intervene into this and ask Hospitals to give a fair chance to do their jobs respectfully. As MRs are also health workers, proved their importance at every occasion whenever society needed them like in Covid-19.

MRs are not only salesmen, they are also human, please treat them in that way only.

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